Q. Will a Remote Start System void my new car warranty?
A. NO. We install remote start systems for many of the area car dealerships. When properly installed, today’s remote start systems are fully compatible with the complex electronic systems in newer vehicles.   

 Additionally, Federal Law prevents an auto manufacturer from voiding a car warranty because you chose to have non-factory accessories installed. For more information simply Google

”Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975”.

Q. How long will it take?
A. Installation time varies greatly from vehicle to vehicle. Please make arrangements to leave your vehicle with us for a few hours.

Q. What should I bring with me?
A. Please bring two ignition keys that will both start the vehicle. Many of the interlace modules require two keys for programming

Q. I have a diesel engine. Can you install a Remote Start?
A. YES! We have remote starts designed for diesels. When you activate your remote start it will wait for the glow plugs or manifold heaters to turn off before it attempts to start.

Q. My key has a chip in it. Can you install a Remote Start? .
A. YES! We have the proper bypass nodule for almost al vehicles. These bypass modules are only activated when you remote start your vehicle. So, when you vehicle is sitting in a parking lot, the factory anti theft system is still fully functional.  Caution… Many shops will bypass the factory anti-theft system altogether to save a little work.

Q. My vehicle has a push-button start (Smart Key). Can you install a remote start?
A. YES! For most Smart-Key I push-button start vehicles, we are able to install a remote start. There is a small additional charge for these vehicles.

Q. How long will my vehicle stay running?
A. The run time is programmable. Please speak to your salesperson for more details. It is regularly set to 12 minutes.

Q. Can somebody take my car while it s remote started?
A. NO. lf your car Is locked, It will remain locked. The steering wheel and shifter (automatic trans) will also stay locked, Most Importantly, you must Insert your key In the Ignition before you can drive away. If anyone attempts to drive away without the key in the ignition, the engine will shut off as soon as you put your foot on the brake pedal.

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Q. How much will I save if I install it myself?
A. Because of the complex nature of Remote Start Systems, we do not offer them for sale without installation. 

Q. Do I need just remote start or should I add keyless entry also?
A. The best reason for upgrading your remote starter to include keyless entry is this – on most new vehicles, the factory keyless entry transmitter does not function while the vehicle is running.  Before you had a remote starter installed this was likely never a problem because if the vehicle was running you were in it, driving, However, once you install a remote starter a new scenario comes into play. You press the start button to start your vehicle, and now that it is running, your factory keyless entry does not function. Obviously, there are still things you can do to gain access to the vehicle such as using the key in the door, or stopping the vehicle with the remote starter transmitter and then using the factory keyless to unlock the door. From a convenience standpoint however this is definitely not ideal. Having a transmitter that will lock and unlock your doors regardless of whether your vehicle is running is definitely a nice feature to have. 

Q. My friend told me that a remote start is bad for your vehicle, is that true?
A. No, remote starters are not bad for your vehicle, if anything, they are actually betterfor your vehicle because they allow the engine to get to a proper operating temperature before the vehicle is driven. Unfortunately there are too many stories that go something along the lines of ‘Well my uncle’s friend who used to be a mechanic said he would try to install this unit I bought at(insert cheapo retailer here), but after he tried to install it the unit didn’t work right, and on top of that he screwed up my car.”

Big surprise. Mixing poor quality parts with sub-par installations is always a recipe for disaster. The remote starters that we install are designed with new vehicle’s complex electrical systems in mind. We have years of experience installing remote starters along with advanced computer programs and wiring schematics that give us the detailed information we need to complete a reliable, trouble-free installation.

*Some dealership personnel are telling customers that if they intall certain products on their vehicle they will automatically void their warranty! That is totally false and against the law.

 US Code – Title 15, Chapter 50, Sections 2301-2312

“Legally, a vechile manufacturer cannot void the warranty on a vehicle due to an aftermarket part unless they can prove that the aftermarket part caused or contributed to the failure in the vehicle (per the Magnuson Mass Warranty Act (15 U.S.C. 2302).

 Service advisors that tell customers their warranty is automatically voided if they add a remote start are in violation of Federal Law. For best results, consider working with customer service-oriented dealership with proven history of working with customers.

 If federal warranty protection is denied, cotact the FTC at (203) 326-3128 or www.ftc.gov.

 You have the right to use high-quality aftermarket part and know that your new car warranty claims will be honored. In fact, your vhicle dealer may not reject a warranty claim simply becaue an aftermarket product is present. A warranty denial under such circumstances may be proper only if an aftermarket part caused the failure being claimed.*